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Adre.:     Passeig Bisbe Guillamet, 10
17800 OLOT
Tel.:   34-972 279 101
Fax.:   34-972 279 108
Email:   informat@olot.org
Web:   http://www.olot.org


The capital of the region is Olot, located on a plain between the Montolivet, Montsacopa and Garrinada volcanoes. This is bustling town has a significant architectural heritage, despite the powerful earthquake that shook the area in 1447, destroying all the monuments built until that time.


The town's major landmarks include the church of Sant Esteve, restored in the 18th century, which, among other treasures, houses a painting by El Greco called Christ Bearing the Cross; the Hospital Sant Jaume founded in the 16th century, of which the church, the cloister and a Baroque doorway remain; the Carmelite convent, which dates from the 17th century and features a cloister with a double archway; and the church of Mare de Déu del Tura, the town's matron saint. The town is also home to the prestigious Olot School, which has nurtured such renowned painters as the Vayreda brothers.


Olot is also the site of the region's most important museums. Such is the case of the Garrotxa Regional Museum, which features the area's most representative trades from the 13th century up to modern times, and which pays special attention to the works produced by the Olot School.

Another interesting museum is the Volcano Museum, where visitors can view a wealth of ecological and geological information about the volcanic area.


C/ Bisbe Lorenzana, 15
Tel. 34-972 260 141
17800 OLOT

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