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Empúries was founded around 575 B.C. by the Greeks of Focea who, for security reasons firts settled on the little island later called Paleopolis, now joined to the mainland and called Sant Martí d’Empúries, and later moved to the mainland to establish Neapolis or New City. This is the site of the ruins.


The Greeks called it Em-porium, or market, and it was an important trading post.

Empúries was most important as the landing stage, in 218 B.C., of the Roman troops under Scipio.

Beside the Greek city the Romans built a colony the remains of which still stand. Later, in the Ist century A.D. the colony became a city and saw a period of some splendour.


Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya Empúries.
Timetables from Monday to Sunday:
From 10,00 h. to 18,00 h. (from 1st Oct. to 31th May)
From 10,00 h. to 20,00 h. (From 1st June to 30th Sept.)
The summer timetable will be applicable at Easter
Closed on 1st January and 25 th Decemb

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